$26 Pendant Lights

This past weekend Collin had to work both Saturday and Sunday, so I was on my own to get some stuff done! I’m going to recap the rest of the weekend in tomorrow’s post, but I wanted to get these awesome pendant lights up first!

On Friday, I headed to Harris Teeter (Maryland Super Market for you New Yorker’s) for some lunch. While I was there, I headed by the seasonal section which usually has some home decor items like citronella candles, bird feeders and outdoor lanterns. You would be surprised how cute some of the things are! I saw these great outdoor candle holder/lanterns. After full examination I knew I could make them in to Pendant Lights for the kitchen!

Are you having flashbacks to the $18 Trash Can Pendants yet!? I am convinced you can make a pendant light out of anything!

So I grabbed two of the smaller sized lanterns and got started:



They had a glass piece inside that was removable. I took that out, along with the Styrofoam. Then I removed the rope cord:


Next, I just used an 1.5″ hole saw to screw a hole in the bottom of the wood base. I had already bought the Pendant Kits at Home Depot and actually had already installed them to make sure the lights/switched worked when the electrician was here last week.

Here they are all hung up:




I added an Edison Bulb, but need to replace them with a 40 watt instead of a 60 watt so that you don’t get blinded while standing at the peninsula. They still need to straighten out, and that will happen over time as gravity does its thing.

Total Price: $26 ($12 Pendant Kit, $10 Lantern and $4 Bulb)

They are perfect size for the kitchen and I *think* will look great with the counter top and back splash we picked out!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of the weekend’s activities and progress! We are getting seriously close to being done and it can’t come soon enough!


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