A Weekend of Mouldings

So the mood hit and I spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday doing Baseboards and Crown Moulding. I already had all of the materials at home ready to go, so on Saturday morning after a quick AM workout, I turned on some Rom-Com movies and spent the day installing the mouldings.

I started at the easy areas around the den and in to the straight kitchen wall:




I was able to caulk and paint as well. I got about 50% done Saturday, which was way further than I expected.

Sunday I got right back to it. I started the day by touching up the wall paint under the painted mouldings from Saturday. Then I moved to the most difficult wall, the Den’s Window wall. The issues with that wall are:

  1. The wall is semi rounded
  2. The windows literally go to the ceiling

I decided to install the crown moulding straight across the windows. and then just hang the drapes a few inches lower.

Sunday, I was able to get almost everything done. Of course I was 1 baseboard short (as seen in the den leading to the current laundry/kitchen. Hopefully I’ll get to that this week:




I still need to hem the drapes, but fresh flowers are a sign of an almost done room!

After Collin got home Sunday night, we finished installing the last 2 bottom cabinets to prep for the Counter top Templaters that are coming today! After they template its about a week until they install! From there, we have some detail work to finish, but we can actually start moving in to the new kitchen! Stay Tuned!

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