Hardware and Final Prep

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! We spent the weekend hiking, exploring and playing board games at my Mom’s beach house in Maine with family! Perfect few days away!

This week we had 2 days to prep before the counter top installs on Thursday morning. We needed to finish installing the cabinet above the fridge, fix any doors/hinges (since we wouldn’t have easy access to them after the counter tops went in) and get the hardware installed.

We chose this hardware line. I wanted a stainless look, but nothing too modern. These knobs and pulls were a bit traditional, but still clean looking.

To install the knobs, I used this template kit. First, I held the knobs up to where I thought they looked good and marked that. Then I put the template on top to see which hole was the one that best matched my marking. This became my standard that I would use moving forward:



Next I used the 3/16″ drill bit that came with the template kit to drill the hole:


Then we installed the knobs. It was a pretty easy update, and if you already have the knob holes there, this is the simplest project to really make a difference in the kitchen!

For the pulls, I had to actually measure center of the cabinet door and then measure out for the pulls (3.5″ from hole to hole).



All Done:



Last night, we installed the cabinet over the refrigerator and cleaned out the cabinets.


Today is Counter Top day and I already got these sneak peaks from Collin:


I cannot wait to get home from work to check them out!

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