It’s All in the Details

I would break this kitchen reno in to 3 main phases:

  • Phase 1: Super Boring Phase that takes forever (Framing, drywall, plumbing and electrical rough-in’s). This phase is time consuming, dirty and makes you question every decision you have ever made in life.
  • Phase 2: Fun, but Expensive (Counter-tops, Cabinets, Appliances, final Plumbing and Electrical). Here, things are coming together, but money is literally pouring out of the wallet and you’re not sure whether to be excited or sit in a corner crying that you will never be able to retire.
  • Phase 3: Sunshine and Rainbows (Tile Backsplash, Cabinet Organization, pretty flowers and detail work). This is the best part for me! Its where you finally have a functioning space but still get to make it pretty, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I can be creative and play around with a bunch of options, while not stressing that these are major decisions that can never be changed.

I figured I’d start phase 3 with two simple projects that got done last weekend.

Before I started moving dishes and kitchenware in to the cabinets, I decided I needed to fancy up the glass upper cabinets. Since the Cabinets are white and all of our dishes and serving ware is also white, I knew when I started filling the cabinets, nothing was going to pop. I decided to back the cabinets in a fabric to make the dishes look way fancier than they are.

To start this project I picked up 2 pieces of large foam board and 1.5 yards of fabric. I went with a fabric that had a colored background, not white. When I got home, I measured the inside of the cabinet.


I cut the foam board to size. This cabinet was a bit bigger than the foam board, so I just taped some extra on to make it fit.

download (1)


I cut the fabric to size and ironed it.

download (2)


Next, I took the foam board outside and sprayed it with Spray Adhesive and laid the fabric on top. I patted the fabric down and made sure there was no air pockets. The spray adhesive is pretty forgiving, so you don’t need it to be absolutely perfect the first time. After it was secure, I flipped it over and sprayed the edges around the back, like a present.


I brought the board back inside and slipped in in to the back of the cabinet:

download (3)

I did not secure it to anything. I installed the shelves right in front of the backing. The shelves hold the backing in place.

download (4)


And here it is all filled up with our dishes and wedding serving ware that hadn’t seen the light of day in 3 years!

download (5)


The second project that I did this past weekend was the Vent Hood cover. This kitchen was getting a little white on white for my liking and I knew I wanted to install something a bit more rustic over the vent. The vent itself is self-venting, so we are not really covering anything. We had plenty of storage in the kitchen (like only 60% – 70% of cabinets are being used right now!), so I knew it could just be decorative.

I used this material   and just glued it together to make a square. I then used basic 1×4’s to frame it out. It took maybe 30 min total to build. I stained it in a custom stain that we plan on using on this and the column separating the two rooms.

download (6)



download (7)

It’s going to get a cute little faux wreath in the next few days too!

So that’s it for this week. Next week I’m hoping to be able to get updates on the backsplash tile that is going up to the ceilings and possibly even the cabinet crown moulding, but that’s only if I’m feeling really energetic.



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