Laying the Last of the Flooring and Other Finishing Touches

It seems like lately we have gotten in to a good groove. Every other weekend we have been alternating between fun, low key weekends with full on reno weekends. This past weekend, was the reno kind!

Collin worked on Saturday so I was on my own. I worked on getting the back of the Kitchen peninsula wrapped with beadboard and moulding.

Here are the before’s, with the unfinished cabinet back’s exposed:



To finish them off, I cut the beadboard sheets to the correct height and then cut the width of the panels. I used my nail gun to secure them to the back of the cabinets.

Next, I followed with the baseboard mouldings. I was even able to get it caulked and painted.

IMG_2124 (1)

Sunday, Collin and I had 2 options: finish the floors in the front living room, or work on the backsplash tile in the kitchen. Both need to get done eventually, but we decided to move forward with finishing the flooring since we have people coming in to town next weekend and it would be nice to have the house not looking like a full-on construction zone.  Here is what that front living room looked like starting Sunday morning:


(Who wouldn’t want to spend the weekend here?!)

We headed to Home Depot to pick up supplies. To start, we had to level out the floors with plywood. We just pieced it together until the whole floor was covered.


Next we rolled out the underlayment and stapled it to the plywood.


Finally, we clicked and locked the flooring together, cutting at the edges and along the angled front of the room.


And here it is with some furniture we had floating around the house. Eventually, we need to make some furniture changes, as the sectional is gigantic in here. That’s on the list for this summer.

IMG_2126 (1)

Here is a Before and After of the transition between rooms (living room and kitchen):

Also, I’m getting a new phone today, so better “photography” may be in the near future for your viewing pleasure. You can thank me later. Now if only I could figure out how to use my Nikon, we might have a real blog here some day 🙂

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