Backsplash Subway Tile

We are in the home stretch of this kitchen reno! The remaining items on the old to-do list are as follows:

  • Backsplash Tile (Installed and Grouted)
  • Crown Moulding above the cabinets
  • Paint and finish out the Window Sill and Trim

That’s it! 3 seemingly little things!

We are starting with the Backsplash tile, since everything else needs to come after that is done to look super professional. We purchased 60+ square feet of the this mosaic subway tile. I had trouble buying it, and did have to run around to 3 different Home Depot’s to get the amount we needed, but for about $5 a square foot, it was well worth it.

We have had the tile sitting around for a few weeks ready to install. I kept bugging Collin to start the project. He is our in-house tile master. He has 4x the amount of patience as I do and is pretty OCD about things being exact, where as I may or may not live by the idea that everything can be fixed later, just get it on the wall. The backsplash is the perfect job for him to do on a weekday when he is off work. He kept telling me that it should take about a day to get the tile up <— Bit of optimism.

I got home from work around 4:30 to about 8 out of 60 square feet complete. The measurements and cutting were taking much longer than anticipated. So, I threw on my construction clothes and we both kept working for the rest of the evening.


Collin applied the big sheets, while I used our tile saw to cut the individual tile pieces IMG_2103


We were able to finish to the end of the upper cabinets. The tile is going to wrap around the whole wall, to the ceiling, and around the windows!


Cooking Dinner while we continue to tile 🙂 

Collin plans on finishing the tile install Wednesday, and then we can grout this weekend! Hopefully I’ll have a better reveal for you all next week!



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