Backsplash Tile – Part 2

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!

We were able to get some work in Saturday, but then spent the rest of the weekend at the beach, bike riding and drinking plenty of Bloody Mary’s. Even though we are dragging this morning, it was a great long weekend!

Let’s head way back to last Wednesday. Collin had off work and was tasked with finishing that tile! He spent the whole day working and was able to get majority of the tile installed.

We did have to do a little more work Friday night to get the small pieces filled in around the window and corners. I had big plans to grout on Friday, so all tile had to be installed and set by Friday night at the latest to give it time to dry. Friday night ended with this progress:




Saturday morning, Collin had work, so it was up to me to get the tile grouted. I mixed up the white, non-sanded grout in small batches at a time. This allows time to grout an area, let it set, clean it and then re-mix more grout. If you make the grout batch too big, it could dry out before you get to it.

Once mixed, I used the grout float to apply to the wall:


Basically, you just smash it between the tiles until it is all covered:


It looks like a total mess, because it is a total mess.

You let that dry for around 10 minutes, and then use a large sponge (car-washing sponge) and clean water to wash off the excess.


As it continues to dry, it will turn hazy (see below picture)


I used a microfiber cloth and some regular cleaner, like 409, to shine up the tiles. I kept doing small areas and working my way around the room. I did tape off where the grout met the cabinets to make it easier to clean.


To finish it all off, I used the matching grout in a caulk container to grout the seam between the tile and the counter top.

I’m going to wait on the final reveal! I know, I’m so mean, but we are so close to being done, it would be great to do one big final kitchen post!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some really cheap, easy art that is adding all types of interest to a giant wall, so stay tuned!

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