Affordable Art for a Large Area

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to make sure I got this quick, easy DIY up on the blog as soon as possible!

I have been looking at wall art options for this huge wall for probably 2 months now.


The reason it took me 2 months is that this wall art had a few must have’s:

  1. Cheap: We are not going to live in this house forever, so we will not be investing in large scale art. Don’t get me wrong, I think art is a great place to spend some $$, but when you have higher than average ceilings and larger than average walls, it’s not worth spending the money, since the next house might not have those features.
  2. Take up a Large Area: We do not have the space to put a buffet or any other piece of furniture here without blocking traffic, so this art had take up a lot of wall space to keep it from looking out of scale with the wall and ceiling.
  3. Not complete with other art: Since we have a big map hung basically on the same wall, I though the art should not be one large piece. Something more broken up would better balance the one large piece on the other side of the beam.

I found a few nice pieces of art, but none of them met all of my criteria above. I started to think about a symmetrical gallery wall. 6-8 Frames were looking to start adding up ($$), until I stumbled upon these Walmart floating frames online! At $3.80 each, I ordered 8!

Now for what to fill them with! I headed to Etsy to see if I could find a printable. Basically, on Etsy, artists sell downloads of their art that you can print either on your home printer (like I did), or at Staples on fancy paper. I knew I wanted a kitchen theme, but still wanted to keep it pretty simple.

I settled on these herb prints. I downloaded them and printed them at home on regular computer paper.

Total cost of this project $38 for 8 pieces of art.

I got the pictures in the frames and had Collin hang the nails on the wall. Here’s the end result:

download (2)

download (1)

download (2)


Here is the whole wall:

download (3)

This art hit all my must have’s while adding some much needed life to this kitchen!

The rest of the week/weekend is dedicated to mouldings! <– The last thing before being completely done! Hopefully, I’ll be back early next week with a full reveal!




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