Back to the Grind

Tap, Tap – Is anybody there?

So we weren’t planning on taking the full summer off from renovations, but sometimes it just happens. Summer slows you down and sucks every ounce of motivation out of us. I’m sure the full kitchen reno we just finished towards the end of June didn’t help. We needed a few weeks to give our to-do list (and wallets) a rest.

But now we are back and feeling energized, productive and extra tan 🙂

So since we left off in July, we have done a few minor updates (nothing warranting its own post). We can just run through those bullet point style:

  1. Finished off the crown moulding in the living room and den

I know this feels like a never ending crown moulding saga, and it is.

2. New Basement Door

We need to replace the plain flat doors throughout the house eventually, so we are working through them one at a time. I hung the new door, gave it a coat of paint and re-used the same hardware that was already installed. Also, I was apparently so over the old door, I forgot to snap a before pic while it was mounted.

3. Stair Railings

I think the next big project on our list is the stair case. Here is the staircase before (the day we moved in):


Fluffy carpeted stairs, paneling, wood. It was bad. But then it got worse! Here is is today:


One word: Yikes

Collin removed all of the wood paneling on the walls and the stair skirt. I started on staining and priming the wood banister and railings. I used Minwax Gel Stain in Coffee color for the post and hand rail. The picture shows one coat of coverage.

The gel stain was applied right over the stain that was there, no sanding necessary. It was tough to get in to the little areas between the spindles, but I just used a tiny art paint brush and took it really slow. This job takes time! Not a ton of work, just patience.

The plan here is to install new drywall on the walls, new stair tops and kick plates, new stair skirt and finish painting out the wood. This is not going to be a quick project by any means, but I’ll document the whole thing. And for now, we’ll just wear shoes 🙂

We have a full labor day weekend coming up, but we do plan on making a few small updates this week/weekend. I’ll try to keep the blog better updated now that we are back in the swing of things!