New Fireplace Surround (Again!)

Exactly this time last year we were renovating the living room. Even though at some point we claimed this room was complete, we lied. As of recently, we laid new hardwoods in here, started demoing the stairs and need to replace the Front Door.

To be able to install quarter round, we really needed to finish some small details of the hardwood floors. One area we didn’t really address was the fireplace. Originally, when we built the fireplace, we planned on installing a gas insert. Once we started doing research on the costs and permits required, we changed plans and went electric instead. We were really happy with that decision, but the fireplace had been built for a gas insert measurements and the new fireplace insert was smaller. To compensate for the change we had installed a bunch of different moulding and edging to make it look finished, but it never felt perfect.

To add to that, neither of us either loved loved loved the tile we chose for the surround. Since we were back in this area finishing floors we decided it’s now or never to make the corrections and get this installed perfectly.

Reminder of the before:


You cant’ tell the issues in the picture above because of the black mouldings that were installed around the fireplace insert.

We started by pulling out the tile and boards. It was only 3 long pieces of cement board, so everything came out easy. We had some extra cement board in storage, so we were able to just cut that up and install right where the old one used to be:

IMG_0478 (1)

Next, Collin added the tile adhesive to the cement board:

IMG_0480 (1)

And I followed behind installing the tile. I would mark the tiles that needed to be cut and Collin would use the wet saw to trim them to the required size.


We let that dry overnight and then I came back on Monday after work to Grout. We used the grout color Platinum, which is the lightest grey grout they have.



Since we had the majority of the supplies on hand, the update only cost about $60 ($45 for tile and $15 for grout). The low price makes the fact that we finished this area twice more bearable.

Next steps in this room are to install quarter round where the moulding meets the flooring and finish off the step areas with a fancy piece of flooring. We also need to return the temporary couch that is in this room and replace it with the furniture that has been hanging in all other areas of the house during the Kitchen demo. Stay tuned!


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