Make Store Bought Art Look Custom

Guys. This is an art game changer.

Now that I figured out that the mirror above the fireplace was just wrong, I have been searching for some large scale art to hang in its place. I checked a million different places, and even considered trying to make some myself, but the size I needed was expensive anyway I sliced it.

Then a Home Goods miracle happened and I stumbled upon this cutie:


  • Size: 40″ x40″ (perfect!)
  • Colors: Blues to match the couch, Greens to Match the walls (perfect!)
  • Price: $40 (seriously, perfect!)

So I snatched it up and ran towards checkout. I got it home and hung it above the fireplace. It was still great, but the light color towards the top of the art, got lost against the white fireplace. It just needed something small to make it pop.

I headed to Home Depot to pick up four 1.5″ pieces of trim at the cost of $1.96 each. When I got home I cut the trim to size and stained the pieces.

Finally, I simply nailed the trim pieces as a frame directly to the art work:




The stained frame matches the Mantle and puts a nice boarder around the art. For an extra $8, it was well worth it! It makes the art piece look more custom and pulls together the room perfectly!



Coming back later this week for a new front door (eek!), a DIY Console Table and to find out where the mirror went!

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