$25 New Front Door

This legitimately might be considered stealing, but I am totally blaming multi-tasking and not paying attention as to why I have a new $25 door.

A few weeks ago, I decided we needed a new front door. I am sure the previous home owners are giving me the biggest eye-roll ever, since they probably paid a million dollars for our current door. The current door, as seen below, was a custom door (since the row homes have the smallest door openings), it weighed at least 200 pounds and had a very fancy glass insert that I’m sure was all the rage in the 80’s.



But the color was blah, the door was dated, and even with a good coat of paint, that oval glass insert was never going to be ok.

So after researching my options for the custom sized door and coming up with nothing less than $1,000, I had to get creative. So I headed out to Second Chance, a used furniture and Building Materials store in my neighborhood. I knew I might have luck finding the right size door since all houses in our area are row homes with about the same size openings.

After combing the racks of doors, I found one that was the right size, shape and would let in good light through the windows. It needed a serious coat of paint, but was manageable. The door had $100 price tag, and lucky for me it was 50% off Doors and Windows weekend. I let the stock guy know which door I wanted and he helped load it in to a cart and take it to the pick up area. Now here’s where it gets a little sticky. He wrote me a receipt for $50 since the door was 50% off and told me to take it to the register and pay, and then he would load it in my car.

When I got to the register, I handed the woman my checkout slip and credit card and then got side tracked by beautiful glass door knobs (who can resist glass knobs?). I figured she would check me out while I perused the knobs. She handed me my receipt and I went to pick up. The stock guy loaded up my car with the door and I headed home. Once I got home and looked at the receipt, I realized she gave me 50% off the door – again. So $25 total. I probably have terrible Karma following me around now, but I was pumped anyway!

Here is the door the day I got it home:


On Sunday, Collin and I went about getting that door mounted. We first removed the old door and measured where the hinges needed to go on the new door. Then, we mounted the new door. It actually was the first time we have ever mounted a door and it actually fit on the first try.


Once mounted it was ready for paint. I chose Benjamin Moore Marquee in Art District. It is this great muddy brown green color that brings some much needed contrast and looks great with the white trim and black hardware. The door needed 2 coats on each side.

Here it is in the day and night:



Its looking so much more modern and clean, let’s in a lot of light and we’ve gotten a bunch of compliments from neighbors!

A little side by side action:

Next on the list is to paint out the mouldings around the door and finally finish off this area!


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