DIY Trestle Console Table

The area near the front door, where you walk in and out of the house, has been an issue for months. I kept trying to use things from around the house to help this area do its job and it was failing every time.

For a little while, it looked like this:img_1584

A very little while, since I stole that map to put in the den. The mail holder was too high, and honestly, we don’t get that much mail, so the mail holder was just filling up with junk that should have just gone in the trash. The hooks were ok, but they were too thick to fit normal key chains and the bench ended up just being a drop zone for things coming and going in and out of the house.

Finally, I decided we needed something better. If it was going to act as a drop zone, let make it function as best as possible. Here’s what it needed to do:

  • Spot for Keys and Wallet
  • Spot to Hold the dog’s leash
  • Table Height
  • Mirror (to make sure you look semi-presentable on a daily basis)
  • Deep enough for seasonal decor
  • Cheap, but still real wood (it needed to be sturdy, but since we don’t know how long we will be in this house, we don’t want to spend a ton of money on large furniture pieces)

Seems easy enough, right?

First, I decided to take the mirror from above the fireplace and add it to this wall, as detailed in this post. Then I needed to sketch up a design for the console table. One thing I had was a leftover wood table top from an old dining table. It has been in our basement since we moved in. I knew I wanted to use this as the top to the console. This helped dictate the design. I headed off to Home Depot to collect my supplies.

I started out thinking I would use 4×4 posts as the 4 legs of the table, but once I got them home they were way too thick. So, I had to adjust my plans. Here was the sketch:


To start, I cut the posts to 30″ high. Then I cut the table top to 20″ deep.

I attached two 1×4 (cut at 18″) to the top and bottom of the post, to make an I shape. I secured it with glue and screws:


Then I had to whip out some knowledge that was buried deep. Luckily, Google saved my life, but I needed to use the Pythagorean Theorem to figure out the length of the angled edges. I’m not getting it to details about how I figured it out, because it literally hurts my brain, but due to the size of the piece and that my mitre saw only goes up to 45 degree angles, it somehow popped out that the pieces needed to be 9″ long.

I cut 8 pieces to size with a 45 degree angle on each edge. Then I stained everything before putting it together:





Final Product:



Since we already had the table top, the full piece cost about $20 to make. $14 for the post (cut in half to make 2 legs) and $6 for the 1 x 4 board. Not too bad! Now hopefully, it actually functions in this area and gets our lives a little more organized.

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