Bathroom Renovation – Day 1

Finally, the Holidays are over and we can get back in to full blown renovation mode over here! And this is an exciting one because we are going to reno our Bathroom! Currently our house has 1 Bathroom. We will be installing a second one done the line, but for now we are in desperate need of renovating our only Bathroom.

Let’s start at the beginning. Our current bathroom is straight out of the 80’s, full of pink tile, faux wood drop ceiling and the ‘piece de resistance’ – a maroon Jacuzzi. The positives of the bathroom currently are the size, it is huge for only having one bathroom, and the condition (for being 30+ years old, there is not a single chipped tile!

Here are the before pics (straight from the realtors when we bought the house):



And here is the current Layout:


The plan is to remove the Jacuzzi and make a combo tub/shower in its place. Then we can change the standing shower to a linen closet and extend the vanity to become a double vanity. Of course we are going to change out all of the tile, drywall the ceilings, build a custom vanity and install a new tub and lighting. It is going to be a huge project!

Here is the new layout:


This weekend, I got started. While Collin was a work on Monday, I decided to take on 2 small projects in here, while I had a few hours of free time.

The first project was attacking the window area. It had horrendous vertical blinds that I couldn’t look at for one more second. So I ripped those off and sorted through my craft drawer for some extra vinyl frosting I had left over from another project.


Yes that is the neighbors windows! Ah the beauty of  living in attached row homes. 

To start, I measured the window area and cut a piece of frosting 1 inch bigger on both sides.  Then I peeled the backing and used a credit card to smooth it out on the window.


Once it was attached, I used a razor to trim the excess.


Of course, I ran out of frosting on the top window, but thankfully, I don’t think anyone can see in from all the way up there (hopefully).


Now I just need to get the window surround painted, and that tiny area will be done 🙂

I also took some time to remove the pink sear-sucker wallpaper from the window wall. I peeled the top layer off with a scraper tool, then used our wall paper steamer to scrape the under layers:



I promise, I cleaned up afterwards!

Overall, not too much progress, but it is great to have gotten started. Lucky for you, we will be documenting the entire reno here so stay tuned!


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