Leaky Pipes and Demo!

Happy Monday!

I’m planning on lots of progress this week, which means lots of posts.

This past week/weekend was demo week and plumber quotes. I spent the majority of the week on the phone scheduling, rescheduling and meeting with plumbers getting quotes for the bathroom. We finally settled on a plumber, and he said he can start Monday (today!), but the tub and walls needed to be removed for him to start work.

Collin had removed all of the Drop Ceiling and the drywall/tiles around the tub last week. Here’s what it looked like as of Friday:


The good news is we gained between 8-10″ in ceiling height, once we removed the drop ceiling. The bad news is during demo, we must have tweaked a pipe and had water leaking everywhere. Now, it was not water flowing out, but rather a very very quick dribble out of the pipe. Since this bathrooms sits directly on top of the brand new kitchen ceilings, any water would have left big water marks on the ceiling. I was panicking a little. We rushed downstairs and turned off the main water to the house.

I was able to pick up some epoxy putty at home depot and that slowed the leak, but for the past 2 days we have needed to turn the water on from the basement, shower, do dishes, go to the bathroom and rush back downstairs to turn the water off. This was super fun for us, and our guests this weekend (luckily it was only Mom, so no need to impress!)

Sunday morning, after my mom left, Collin and I got to work. The plan was to somehow remove the tub. I bought some heavy duty moving straps thinking we could just walk the cast iron Jacuzzi out of the bathroom. Yeah, ok. This is how far we got it:


There was no chance that was happening. So I did some last minute research and found out you can break cast iron up with a sledgehammer. Que Collin’s happy dance!

We headed to our local Ace Hardware actually buy a sledge hammer.It was fate. Look at the sledgehammer’s name:

IMG_0891 (1)

When we got home, we laid an old towel over the area we wanted to smash and hit it with the sledge hammer. It was much more brittle than expected. Basically, once you bash through the maroon epoxy, the cast iron only needs 1-2 hard hits before it breaks in to big chunks:



After we got the top half off, we used a sawzall to cut the copper pipes and remove the engine:



Then it was easy to move right out. We demo’d the rest of the drywall that was around the tub, and cleaned up:


It was about 4:00 PM at this point, but we decided we could do some more work. We wanted to get the ceiling framed, before the plumber installs the bathtub. We had the wood already and got to work. We installed the edge pieces first:


And then cut and installed the cross beams:


We finished up around 5:00 PM.

Now we are already for the plumber to come this morning. He is going to re-route the water supply and drain to the back wall and prep for a shower to be installed.

Its going to be a busy week, but the goal is to be showering in the new shower by Sunday night!



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