Prepping for Tile and a Sneak Peak of Tile Choices!

Hey all!

This week’s post is going to be a high level recap of the last week’s progress, along with a sneak peak of the tile we will be using.

Right now, we are in the most boring part of the project. We are at the part where Collin has to do a bunch of work hanging cement board, patching, waiting for it to dry, blah blah blah. All this while I have stock piled all of the gorgeous tile and am itching to get it up in the shower!

The first step was to staple in the tar paper which will act like a vapor barrier:


Next, we (as in Collin) installed Cement Board all around the shower and patched all of the seams, corners and edges:


Like I said, snooze fest. But it is done and finally time for tile!

On to the exciting part! Originally, we were planning on doing white subway tile throughout the shower. Its easy, cost efficient and timeless. But when we got to the tile store, I threw that plan out and fell hard for some new tile. Unfortunately, we were at the expensive tile store, but luckily, I was able to find something similar from Home Depot.

The other concern I had was the size of that large wall. Since the house is so old, I can’t add a niche there because the framing is not 2×4, its actually more like 3×3. If a niche was added, it wouldn’t be deep enough to hold anything, once you add cement board and tile. With the wall being that large, I didn’t just want an expanse of the same tile. So after some shopping and planning, Collin and I decided on an inset of patterned tile.

Without further adieu, here are the tile selections:

Main Tile Walls: 


It is kind of a taupey grey, not too cool. and the 4×12 size is a new twist on traditional subway.

Shower Tile Inset:


Shower Floors:


Main Floors: 


And here are the shower tiles together so far (Floor tile doesn’t ship in until today):

IMG_0951 (1)

I am dying of excitement!

Now, on to Tile some shower floors!


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