Tile for Miles

Guys, the shower is fully tiled.

My hands are literally cut up and I have bags under my eyes rolling in to this Monday, but the tile in the shower is done!

Heading back to Thursday, Collin had off in the morning, so we worked to install the shower floor. We were using the sliced pebble tiles that install on sheets of mesh, similar to other mosaic tiles.

First, we laid everything out to dry fit the sheets and make sure the spacing seemed even.


Once we were happy with the layout, Collin removed one row at a time and laid the thin set down, before replacing each row back in its spot:



Once it was laid, we pulled some tiles off of the sheets and used it to fill in an big gaps. The rest of the gaps will be filled with caulk.

It took about an hour and a half to get the full floor laid. We let those tiles set for 2 days before sealing them up in preparation for the wall tile.

Collin had work all weekend, so it was up to me to tile the shower. First, I marked a level line 4 inches up from the highest point on the base. It is important to get the first line of tile set, level and spaced correctly, otherwise the rest of the wall will be un-level.


I used 1/8″ spacers in between the tile. I also taped off where my center inset was going to go.


I just kept working my way up the wall:




Collin got home from work around this time and helped me bang out the top. It’s crazy how much faster it goes when you have two people. One person gets to keep laying the tile, while the other is making the cuts. We finished up around 7:30 PM Saturday night.


Sunday morning, we needed to close up the wall behind the toilet, before I could continue to tile. To do this, we needed to remove the old toilet, mount the drywall and then install the new toilet. Luckily, Collin didn’t have to leave for work until 12, so he was able to help with the toilet removal process:



Its crazy what a difference a new toilet makes. We probably should have done this replacement sooner!

We are going to have to remove and reinstall the toilet again when we redo the floors in the next few weeks, but luckily, it’s a pretty simple fix.

Collin left for work around 11:30, and I continued on my never-ending tile journey:



And the end result:


It came out so good, especially as my first solo tiling project.

This morning, Collin is working on patching drywall, and tonight I am going to grout. I also have to go grab some marble to add to the top of the curb.

We are sooooo close to being able to shower here, and I can not wait!

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