Project Status, a Big Issue, and how we fixed it

Happy Monday!

I swear, we are moving along full force, but I can’t keep up with the blogging portion! Today’s post is going to be a bullet progress report, so get ready for a lot of information and very little detail 🙂

  • On Monday (2/12), Collin had work at night, so he spent the morning starting to patch the drywall and ceilings. When I got home from work I headed straight in to grouting. I was able to grout both of the walls and get them cleaned up.
  • Tuesday night after work, Collin and I were able grout the shower floor.


  • Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, so we bailed on house work and headed out for beers and burgers instead.
  • Thursday was my Birthday! We headed away for a long weekend of snowmobiling and snowboarding in upstate New York with my family! We stayed up there until Monday (2/20)


  • Tuesday and Wednesday I had a work trip to Syracuse, NY. While I was there, Collin continued work on the drywall and patching.
  • Wednesday night I flew in to Baltimore late, and had to head back to New York on Thursday morning to help my dad after a surgery he had. I drove up to NY Thursday morning and drove back to Baltimore Friday night. I was able to swing by the Granite shop on my way up to New York to finalize the granite thresholds that will go on the shower curb.

It was a pretty killer week, but I’m finally back in Baltimore to pick up where I left off on the bathroom.

Saturday morning (2/24/18) , Collin had work, so I was on my own. The best start to a Saturday is a trash pickup. My trash guys came and loaded up 2 pick up trucks full of demo and construction trash that was in our house. TWO pick up trucks! It was great to start Saturday feeling a little lighter and able to move around the house a little easier.

Next, I installed the faucets for the shower. I just followed directions on the box and used a YouTube video to help on some areas.


So, this is where our big mistake came in. In testing the water, I turned on the shower. Good news, it worked without any leaks. Bad news, the water was pooling around the drain area. We didn’t set the drain low enough below the tile and the last bits of the water from the shower weren’t going down the drain i.e. we would have a swamp of standing water in our shower at all times. Apparently water has a tough time taking a step up, ugh.

This is a major no-no.

Collin wasn’t home so I just continued doing some other updates like getting another coat of Spackle on the walls and cleaning up around the house.

When Collin got home,  it was time to come up with a plan. We tested the water again and my fears were confirmed, we needed to lower the drain cap. So we did what every normal person would do, and ignored it for now and headed out for dinner and margaritas <– Solves everything, right?

Sunday morning it was time to deal with it. We started by outlining how much floor we needed to remove. Yes, remove, as in the floor we just finished laying and grouting less than 2 weeks ago.

We used our Dremel with a grout attachment to outline how far we would need to remove and then used a chisel and hammer to pull up the tiles:



Once they were up, we cleaned up the area, unscrewed the drain and began to chisel away at the area around the drain to make it lower:


Next we cleaned up the area screwed the drain back in, lower than the tiles. After that, we dry fit our tiles, just placing in the right pattern and size to fit the area. We removed one or two at a time and added thinset to the floor and tiles, continuously checking to make sure they were level with the drain.


It needs a day to dry before we can re-grout the area. I’m glad we were able to resolve the issue. It only took us an hour from start to finish, and is not really costing us project time, since we can’t shower until the granite curbs are installed anyway, but smashing tiles that you just installed with a hammer is not fun. Next time I am going to be crazy careful about this.

The rest of the day was spent sanding the walls to prep for primer and paint, meal prepping and just generally getting the house in some kind of order as we start a more normal week!


The goal is to be showering in here by Friday, so fingers crossed everything goes as planned.



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