Bathroom Demo – Round 2

Hi All!

If you thought the bathroom couldn’t look worse, you would be wrong. It’s looking really bad right now, but I can see a slight light at the end of the tunnel (kind of).

This past weekend was spent on small projects like painting, installing the ceiling light fixture and the toilet paper holder.

One issue we ran in to this weekend had to do with the stone for the shower curbs. I had picked out a remnant piece of marble to be installed on the shower curbs. When the guys got here to install, we realized they beveled the edge of the marble. It looks beautiful, but the bevel went the entire piece, when it should have stopped where one piece met the next.

It is nearly impossible to explain in writing, and I have no pictures, but the end of the story is, it had to go back to the stone yard to be re-cut.

This wouldn’t normally be a huge deal, except that we needed to demo our entire old shower this weekend to prep for the plumber on Tuesday. So we are left with garbage bags over the curbs while we use the new shower for the next week (or two). It’s super glamorous.

Collin was off on Monday and Tuesday, so he was able to make some major progress. He was tasked with demoing the vanity, sink, walls and shower on Monday. This is what I came home to:


Tuesday morning was plumbing day! The plumber came for a few hours and roughed in the double vanity plumbing. After the plumber left, Collin started demoing the tile floor. He was on a roll, and chipped away every tile with just a hammer and a screw driver.



Wednesday, when I got home from work, I decided to try my hand at some electrical. The quote we got was high, I knew I could run the electric for the two vanity lights myself. I watched a YouTube video, Googled some images of what the wiring should look like and got to work. I was able to install the boxes for the two vanity lights, new white switches and one GFCI outlet.

Ignore the hanging light fixtures, they still need to be installed, after my super special wall treatment.


The rest of this week/weekend will include installing cement board on the floors, finishing off the drywall, a special wall treatment and possibly even starting to tile the floors. I think the next 4-5 days are going to be crazy work hours, but the bathroom is looking like it should finish up by next Wednesday!



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