Tiling the Bathroom Floors

Guys! The Bathroom is sooooo close to done! Today I’m back with some general updates and details about the tiled floors.

We last left off with a true disaster. Collin and I decided to make the past week a full push to completion, instead of moving at a realistic pace and it taking us 3 weeks to finish. So get ready for the whirlwind week:

Last Thursday:  We installed the hardboard for the floor. We secured it using cement board screws directly in to the subfloor:


We were also able to get the drywall on the ceiling and remaining walls in place.

Friday: Collin did the first coat of drywall mud

Saturday: I installed the Shiplap wall (detailed post coming this week) and then gave up on work and went to Brunch. Collin got home from work at 4 PM to me napping 🙂 . We called it a day, and headed out for dinner and drinks instead!

Sunday we were back on track, sanding the walls and drywall, priming the Shiplap wall and installing the light fixtures. We were done by 2 PM and ready for some lunch and duckpin bowling!

Monday was Tile Day! I got home from work and got right to it.

**Important note here: We only have 1 bathroom in the house, so Tile day, also meant, no toilet day – FOR 3 DAYS!!!! I am still scarred by this, so won’t go in to detail, but lets just say there were a lot of trips to Starbucks and a lot of eating dinner at restaurants, just to use the restroom before going home…

I just kind of winged the tile (as usual) and installed the first run along side the shower:


Yes that’s the toilet in my brand new shower. Oh, did I not mention we didn’t have a shower for 3 days either. Hello Gym, my old friend. Too bad there was no workout being done…

I continued the tile, using my tile saw to cut any difficult areas (I’m looking at you angled wall). I finished about 80% of the tile on Monday night.


Tuesday: Collin and I got home after work to put the last coat of spackle on the walls and ceiling and finish the last few pieces of tile. We got everything done, then headed out for a late dinner (and much deserved beers), and of course using the restroom before heading home.

Wednesday: Grout day! Collin had work at night, so I was on my own. I mixed up the grout and used a grout tool to “squish” it in to the grout lines. I made sure to start in the back of the room and work my way out, cleaning as I went. Here she is, all ready!


Thursday: I woke Collin up at 6 AM to install the toilet! Hallelujah! Since the grout was dry, and I was sick of the Starbucks bathroom, we installed in just a few minutes and we back in action!


Finally, Thursday night we painted. The walls got a coat of Glidden’s Smooth Stone, lightened 75%. It is a very very light gray that matched the tile almost perfectly.


I also, picked up the Vanity and it is a beast! But gorgeous! Tonight’s job is to get it installed, so might be able to stop brushing our teeth in the kitchen <– For some reason this grosses me out!

Moving right along!

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