Final Stretch of the Bathroom Reno

Happy Thursday!

We are in the last stretch of the renovation, and finally made it to the fun finishing part! Instead of our usual daily updates, I’m just going move around the room and post about what was done over the last 2 weeks.

1. Marble Shower Curb: We had some issues getting to the point of done, but it’s in and it is gorgeous! We still need to tile the other side of the curb. with the same tile as the shower walls.


2. Double Vanity: We purchased this vanity. I ordered it online for pick up at Home Depot. It came in four pieces, the base, the top and two sinks. First step was to install the sinks while the top was upside down:


After that dried for 24 hours, we installed the top on the base:


3. Plumbing: I installed the faucets using this product. It was soooo easy and required no cement, or glue or anything like that. It just basically pushes on to the water supply lines until it clicks in place.

Collin worked on the plumbing of the drain. I picked up all of the different pieces needed and he used the primer and cement to get everything together. We let everything dry for a few hours and then tested to make sure it was working. Everything was a success, and the plumbing part went surprisingly smoothly.

4. Mirrors: I installed the Mirrors that I picked up from Target. They are wood frame mirrors that tie in to the floors and give a nice contrast on the light gray walls. Installing the mirrors confirmed my fear that the lights were not installed at the correct center point, so I will be going back and fixing that, promise!

Here is where we are now:


Everything is fully functioning, but we still have a few more items to check off before we are done:

  • Install Shower Glass
  • Finish Shiplap Wall/Re-Center Light fixtures
  • Tile back of the shower curb
  • Baseboard and Door Moulding
  • Paint the Window and Surround
  • Art

So close to the finish line!

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