Bathroom Detail Work

So it turns out that once your bathroom is to a point of functioning, like, you can shower and use the toilet, you have very little motivation to actually finish said bathroom.

Life has been a little crazy around here. We have been home maybe 2 weekends out of the last 6 or 7. Lots of exciting stuff happening, but we haven’t touched a tool or paint brush in weeks.

But we need to get moving on getting this to-do list to-done, so were back with progress updates and plans moving forward.

Last we left off, we had the following outstanding details that needed to be completed in the bathroom:

  • Install Shower Glass
  • Finish Shiplap Wall/Re-Center Light fixtures
  • Tile back of the shower curb
  • Baseboard and Door Moulding
  • Paint the Window and Surround
  • Art

Shockingly, we have finished 3 out of 6 items!

  1. Install Shower Glass doors and Shelves:

I ordered our new shower doors from here. It was a pretty big risk getting glass panels shipped, but the warranty was good, so I took the chance. They both came in perfect condition.

To install, we used a tile drill bit to drill 2 holes in to the tile walls. The door company sent an anchor and screw and we screwed in the mounting piece. Then we slide in the glass, and tightened the mounting screw. We finished it all of with a bead of clear caulk all around the edges.

The corner shelves are the same process, pre-drill the holes with a tile drill bit, insert anchor and screw in mounting bracket.

Honestly, I was really scared about these, specifically, drilling in to our brand new tile, but it went pretty seamlessly and looks super professional.


2. Finish Shiplap Wall and Re-Center Light Fixtures:

When I initially installed the lighting for the shiplap wall, I centered it off of the center of the wall. Then the vanity got installed and I realized they were not centered over the sinks <– Whoops!

So I had to remove the top 3 boards of shiplap, move the lighting and electrical to the correct locations, re-cut new shiplap, and reinstall the shiplap and the light fixtures.

To finish off the wall, I installed 1/4 Round moulding around the edges and caulked and painted everything to match the walls.


3. Art:

We needed some art to tie the two sides of the bathroom together. There is a color palette of light pinks and some blue accents in the rug, so I wanted to bring some color above the toilet area, next to the shower.

I picked up this art from Minted. I ordered it online, not framed and grabbed a nice big frame from Target.

The wood from the frame goes with the mirror and the colors match the rugs perfectly!


Updated to-do list:

  • Install Shower Glass
  • Finish Shiplap Wall/Re-Center Light fixtures
  • Tile back of the shower curb
  • Baseboard and Door Moulding
  • Paint the Window and Surround
  • Art

We are currently working on finishing the bathroom and installing a ceiling in the back guest room at the same time, so the next few posts will likely flip flop between the two rooms.


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