Guest Room – New Ceiling

By now, you know one of our favorite things is starting a new project before the other is complete. So it should come as no surprise that we are moving on from the bathroom a bit early.

So bringing it way back, the first project we worked on when we first moved in to this house was the Guest Bedroom located in the back of the house. Here is a quick trip down memory lane:

Day 1 – Move in Day (minus the furniture)!


Original Space – from the Zillow Listing 

Sept 2016 – First Finished Room in the House!



It was looking pretty good and worked really well for guests, but we needed to finish the ceiling.

When we first ripped out the old plaster ceiling and exposed the wooden beams, I was feeling exited about the character it added. But, as we started to finish the rest of the rooms in the house, I just loved how clean and fresh they looked with nice bright white ceiling.

In addition to the dark, semi-scary ceiling, there was no overhead light in this room. The lamp in the corner was the only source of lighting, which made the dark room, even darker.

So we figured we would swing back around to this room once the bathroom was complete.

To start, Collin spent a day off framing out the ceiling with 2×4’s. The walls in this room are plaster still, so he had to chip away at some weak areas to install the wall beams, but eventually got everything up:


Next step was to install lighting. This room had a switch on the wall already that controlled that outlet seen in the above picture. The goal was to have that outlet always “hot” or on, and the switch to now control the ceiling light.

First we installed the electrical box in the ceiling beams, and ran some wire through the box:


We ran the wire down the wall to the switch. Once the wires were all connected and taped up, Collin and I tested the light fixture and it worked!

We ended up removing the light fixture to allow for the drywall installation.

We only had 2 full pieces of drywall left in our stash, so Collin and I installed those in the room, and then used some scrap drywall to patch in two areas (in green board).



We ran out of drywall on the last 2 pieces, of course:


Collin is going to try to get those last two pieces up and the first coat of Spackle on this week/weekend.

Since this room is mostly done (aside from the ceiling), this project should go quickly. Just some sanding/patching and a coat of paint. We do need to spruce up the closet in this room next, but I am not looking forward to that project so I’ll keep trying to ignore it for now.

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