Guest Room Closet

The guest room closet is 10 inches deep, meaning we needed to get creative to make it useful. Since we don’t really have that many guests coming with hanging clothes, plus hangers don’t fit, we knew we needed to figure out a new plan.

What we did need was linen storage. Currently all of our extra sheets and towels were in a dresser in the old office/new nursery. But with the baby coming, that dresser needs to go, so the linens had no where to live.

The guest room closet was the only option, and it would allow access to guests to grab towels and wash clothes as needed.

The closet is made of Brick with crumbling plaster on top of it. Here is the before picture:

IMG_1324 (1)

First, we needed to cover the plaster and old brick. We couldn’t frame and drywall because we would have lost too many inches in the depth of the closet. So I just decided to nail some paneling to the back wall. I had so much extra paneling from the staircase in the basement, so I just reused that.

I started with a few blobs of liquid nails on the back and used the nail gun to secure it.


Next, I gave that paneling a coat of primer and paint, since I wouldn’t be able to get back in to that area of the closet once the shelves were installed.


I had planned to make my own shelving, but the cost of lumber then time to paint and build everything was way more expensive then installing a basic closet system. I picked up the two mounting pieces, 6 shelf brackets and 3 white shelves from Home Depot.

I first used a brick/cement drill bit to pre-drill the holes, and then tapcon Brick screws to secure the mounting brackets to the back wall. I added the shelf brackets and laid the shelves on top:


The nice thing about this, is that we could add more shelves if we need to, it is totally customizable as our needs change. And now for the completely unstaged actual photo of our towels and spare sheets in the closet #keepingitreal:


We added a laundry basket at the bottom for guests to throw dirty towels. The space to the right will be for extra toilet paper. And a quick Before and After:

Now that that’s done, this guest room is officially complete! One less room to think about before baby comes!



2nd Floor Updates and Nursery Progress

With the guest room almost done, we moved on throughout the 2nd Floor, updating both small and large projects. This post is going to be one of those general updates list of all the projects done in the past week or two:


I grabbed some wall paint, moulding paint and caulk and moved my way up and down the hallway caulking any areas that have gapped over the last year and half, touched up the wall paint in any areas with scratches or nicks and freshened up the moulding with a fresh coat of white paint.

I also changed out all of the light bulbs to LED’s. We like these and plan on changing out the whole house, one room at a time.


Hallway To-Do List- Done!


We have gotten started on the nursery, and so far it is not going quite as planned. We loved the wall color in here that we painted originally, but apparently, as seen in this post, I didn’t post the color name, and have no touch-up paint left. An electrician had to bust a few small holes in the walls that we patched up, but I cannot for the life of me match this paint color. I have been running around to every single paint store grabbing swatches and test paints. Nothing matches.

So now we are going to have to re-paint. Good news is, since we know we are having a girl, I can have some fun with a girly room and paint color.

Other than the paint fiasco, I purchased this area rug as the jumping off point. It is neutral, the perfect 8’x8′ size and was just over $100. Sold!

I also replaced the light fixture in this room with this, and changed out the switch to be a dimmer.


Nursery To-Do List:

  • Paint Walls
  • Fix Outlet on the brick wall (Currently is a child hazard, as it is a little loose in the wall and need to be securely affixed to the brick with an outlet cover added)
  • Hang Blackout Curtain for daytime naps
  • Furnish!


Our master bedroom was fine, until I got my dream comforter for Christmas. I received this Pottery Barn duvet cover as a Christmas gift and I love it! Once I got it all set up in the room, I realized the wall color and the bedding were very closely matched, making both look muddy and blah. So, while we are basically painting every other surface in our house, we might as well repaint the bedroom.

We chose the color Behr Cotton Knit and painted the walls this past Sunday. It is light and fresh and makes the duvet cover shine.


While we were in this room, I changed the outlets to white and added outlet covers, changed out the bulbs to our favorite LED’s and installed a cord cover over the TV Wires.

Master Bedroom To-Do List:

  • Build a Bed


We haven’t done anything in the Bathroom, but I figured I would add it to the list, so we can see what is remaining.

Bathroom To-Do List:

  • Tile Outside curb of the shower
  • Grout Outside curb of the shower and the edges of the shower
  • Install, Caulk and Paint 1/4 Round (once above 2 are complete)



A Guest Room Fit for Grandparents

So since finding out we were expecting, the Type A Planner in me has never been more crazy. Basically I am petrified of the moment that the pregnancy impedes on house progress. It may be a totally irrational fear, but I know once Baby Girl arrives, reno time is basically non-existent. So we are currently in what I would “the mad rush” to get the projects that are outstanding, complete.

First thing I did was walk around the whole house and made a complete list of everything that needs to be done. Some are big projects, painting full rooms, the stairs renovation, etc, and others are small, like adding outlet covers to our master bedroom and hanging a window treatment here or there. The is list is long, like a few pages long, but we have split it in to 1st Floor and 2nd Floor and are working our way through it.

Currently, we are working on the second floor guest room. Last we left off, we were framing out the guest room ceiling, and we had just finished drywall.

Over the next few day, Collin worked on sanding, patching, sanding, patching, until the ceiling was ready for paint.


During the framing, one area of the plaster wall chipped away and needed to be patched up. Collin used drywall and spackle to patch up the wall and sanded, for what felt like forever, to make it even:


We painted the ceiling using the regular ceiling paint:


We also decided to use this time to repaint the walls. We chose the color Behr Campfire Ash. We also purchased a bed on Facebook Market from a neighbor. Everything else in the room was there before, and just got moved back in to the space:



We are loving how fresh and bright the room feels! I am glad we were able to get this done before grandparents and guests start coming down here to visit with Baby in the winter!

BUT, it’s not fully complete yet. The closet in this room needs to be done. It is currently a small closet (about 8″deep) with a brick/plaster wall in the back. The plan is to just clean it up and add in some shelving to make it in to a linen closet. It isn’t deep enough for a hanger, but would be great for towels and sheets and spare toiletries. Once that closet gets updated, we can mark this room as fully complete!


So now that the cat is out of the social-media bag, big news is that we are pregnant! We are over the moon excited and can’t wait to welcome a baby girl in November 2018.

So, today’s post is going  to take it back a few months and recap what my first trimester was like, house progress and the plans moving forward.

The First Trimester:

We found out we were pregnant in Mid-March. We had been trying to get pregnant for almost 20 months, and had an appointment set to meet with fertility doctors, but that positive pregnancy test came 2 days before the fertility appointment. Apparently baby girl is following in her mothers “I work best in the last minute” footsteps.

We were obviously so excited, but equally as nervous. When you have trouble getting pregnant, you don’t want to get your hopes too high. All that was left was to sit and wait for the next 4 weeks until our first doctors appointment at 8 weeks.

For the first 8 weeks I was not actually sure there was a baby in there. I had no morning sickness and very little symptoms. I did have aversions to foods like all meat products, dairy and anything with any type of flavor. So I basically lived off of bagels and peanut butter for 4 weeks. Besides that and some exhaustion, I thought I should *feel* more pregnant (whatever that means).

Our 8 week doctor appointment was pretty much the best day ever and we got our first ultrasound and were able to see that sweet baby’s heartbeat.

At our week 10 doctors appointment they drew blood that we chose to send off for testing for genetic abnormalities and gender. The results came back 2 weeks later – Everything was low risk, which is amazing, and they let us know that it was a girl, also amazing!

The next few weeks were a whirlwind of travel for work, weddings, bachelorette parties and back and forth to New York a few times. I did find that I had an increase in motion sickness <– Super fun, and that I needed about 3 days of sleep after a weekend of travel, but other than that I felt great, but those food aversions were still going strong!

Everyone kept saying that in the second trimester you’ll feel better, and like clock work, they were right. I hit week 12 and it was like I was awake and hungry again. It was glorious!

So that is the very short version of the first 12 weeks. We are currently coming up on 16 weeks pregnant and feeling great!

Gender Reveal Brunch:

Since Collin and I had already knew the gender, we wanted to reveal to our family in a fun and exciting way! We purchased confetti guns from Target, and planned a small brunch with our immediate families.

For the brunch, we kept it simple with bagels, a yogurt bar, some gender dyed deviled eggs, homemade baked treats and a few hot dishes. For drinks we had a mimosa bar and coffee. Decorations were all from either Party City or A.C. Moore.


We also had pink and blue necklaces for everyone to chose when they came in to see what their votes were. Most people, including all 4 grandparents, voted boy!

We gathered everyone around for the big reveal! The grandparents pulled their confetti guns and to say everyone was shocked would be an understatement. You can check out the full reveal video on my instagram!


The House Status:

Before we found out we were pregnant, we were planning on trying to get the house ready for sale for this spring. That plan changed as soon as that positive pregnancy test came in. The thought of having to rush a few projects, in addition to how tired I was feeling, stressed me out. We decided to stay put in this house, at least until next year.

But that didn’t mean there isn’t tons to do to get ready for baby! You’ve seen us finishing off the bathroom, and working on the guest room. We have been moving full steam ahead on those and I hope to have an updated post early next week on where we are.

The goal is to get the upstairs fully complete, set up the nursery, and get the stairs done prior to the baby’s arrival, while still enjoying our last summer as a party of 2.