A Guest Room Fit for Grandparents

So since finding out we were expecting, the Type A Planner in me has never been more crazy. Basically I am petrified of the moment that the pregnancy impedes on house progress. It may be a totally irrational fear, but I know once Baby Girl arrives, reno time is basically non-existent. So we are currently in what I would “the mad rush” to get the projects that are outstanding, complete.

First thing I did was walk around the whole house and made a complete list of everything that needs to be done. Some are big projects, painting full rooms, the stairs renovation, etc, and others are small, like adding outlet covers to our master bedroom and hanging a window treatment here or there. The is list is long, like a few pages long, but we have split it in to 1st Floor and 2nd Floor and are working our way through it.

Currently, we are working on the second floor guest room. Last we left off, we were framing out the guest room ceiling, and we had just finished drywall.

Over the next few day, Collin worked on sanding, patching, sanding, patching, until the ceiling was ready for paint.


During the framing, one area of the plaster wall chipped away and needed to be patched up. Collin used drywall and spackle to patch up the wall and sanded, for what felt like forever, to make it even:


We painted the ceiling using the regular ceiling paint:


We also decided to use this time to repaint the walls. We chose the color Behr Campfire Ash. We also purchased a bed on Facebook Market from a neighbor. Everything else in the room was there before, and just got moved back in to the space:



We are loving how fresh and bright the room feels! I am glad we were able to get this done before grandparents and guests start coming down here to visit with Baby in the winter!

BUT, it’s not fully complete yet. The closet in this room needs to be done. It is currently a small closet (about 8″deep) with a brick/plaster wall in the back. The plan is to just clean it up and add in some shelving to make it in to a linen closet. It isn’t deep enough for a hanger, but would be great for towels and sheets and spare toiletries. Once that closet gets updated, we can mark this room as fully complete!

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