2nd Floor Updates and Nursery Progress

With the guest room almost done, we moved on throughout the 2nd Floor, updating both small and large projects. This post is going to be one of those general updates list of all the projects done in the past week or two:


I grabbed some wall paint, moulding paint and caulk and moved my way up and down the hallway caulking any areas that have gapped over the last year and half, touched up the wall paint in any areas with scratches or nicks and freshened up the moulding with a fresh coat of white paint.

I also changed out all of the light bulbs to LED’s. We like these and plan on changing out the whole house, one room at a time.


Hallway To-Do List- Done!


We have gotten started on the nursery, and so far it is not going quite as planned. We loved the wall color in here that we painted originally, but apparently, as seen in this post, I didn’t post the color name, and have no touch-up paint left. An electrician had to bust a few small holes in the walls that we patched up, but I cannot for the life of me match this paint color. I have been running around to every single paint store grabbing swatches and test paints. Nothing matches.

So now we are going to have to re-paint. Good news is, since we know we are having a girl, I can have some fun with a girly room and paint color.

Other than the paint fiasco, I purchased this area rug as the jumping off point. It is neutral, the perfect 8’x8′ size and was just over $100. Sold!

I also replaced the light fixture in this room with this, and changed out the switch to be a dimmer.


Nursery To-Do List:

  • Paint Walls
  • Fix Outlet on the brick wall (Currently is a child hazard, as it is a little loose in the wall and need to be securely affixed to the brick with an outlet cover added)
  • Hang Blackout Curtain for daytime naps
  • Furnish!


Our master bedroom was fine, until I got my dream comforter for Christmas. I received this Pottery Barn duvet cover as a Christmas gift and I love it! Once I got it all set up in the room, I realized the wall color and the bedding were very closely matched, making both look muddy and blah. So, while we are basically painting every other surface in our house, we might as well repaint the bedroom.

We chose the color Behr Cotton Knit and painted the walls this past Sunday. It is light and fresh and makes the duvet cover shine.


While we were in this room, I changed the outlets to white and added outlet covers, changed out the bulbs to our favorite LED’s and installed a cord cover over the TV Wires.

Master Bedroom To-Do List:

  • Build a Bed


We haven’t done anything in the Bathroom, but I figured I would add it to the list, so we can see what is remaining.

Bathroom To-Do List:

  • Tile Outside curb of the shower
  • Grout Outside curb of the shower and the edges of the shower
  • Install, Caulk and Paint 1/4 Round (once above 2 are complete)



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