Guest Room Closet

The guest room closet is 10 inches deep, meaning we needed to get creative to make it useful. Since we don’t really have that many guests coming with hanging clothes, plus hangers don’t fit, we knew we needed to figure out a new plan.

What we did need was linen storage. Currently all of our extra sheets and towels were in a dresser in the old office/new nursery. But with the baby coming, that dresser needs to go, so the linens had no where to live.

The guest room closet was the only option, and it would allow access to guests to grab towels and wash clothes as needed.

The closet is made of Brick with crumbling plaster on top of it. Here is the before picture:

IMG_1324 (1)

First, we needed to cover the plaster and old brick. We couldn’t frame and drywall because we would have lost too many inches in the depth of the closet. So I just decided to nail some paneling to the back wall. I had so much extra paneling from the staircase in the basement, so I just reused that.

I started with a few blobs of liquid nails on the back and used the nail gun to secure it.


Next, I gave that paneling a coat of primer and paint, since I wouldn’t be able to get back in to that area of the closet once the shelves were installed.


I had planned to make my own shelving, but the cost of lumber then time to paint and build everything was way more expensive then installing a basic closet system. I picked up the two mounting pieces, 6 shelf brackets and 3 white shelves from Home Depot.

I first used a brick/cement drill bit to pre-drill the holes, and then tapcon Brick screws to secure the mounting brackets to the back wall. I added the shelf brackets and laid the shelves on top:


The nice thing about this, is that we could add more shelves if we need to, it is totally customizable as our needs change. And now for the completely unstaged actual photo of our towels and spare sheets in the closet #keepingitreal:


We added a laundry basket at the bottom for guests to throw dirty towels. The space to the right will be for extra toilet paper. And a quick Before and After:

Now that that’s done, this guest room is officially complete! One less room to think about before baby comes!



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