Outside Re-Fresh – Under $90

While continuing work on the upstairs updates, our million year old mailbox, finally rusted over and the top came un-attached. The time had come to move on to the front of the house, a bit sooner than anticipated, if we wanted to stop having to sort through soggy mail.

Here is the before of the Outside of our house:


There are major things that need to get done outside, including all new windows and that chipping paint along the bottom, but that is not part of this post.

Today, we are just going to focus on the little quick changes we made to spruce it up a bit. Here is the close-up of what needed to be done:


I was giving myself one weekend to repaint the railing, install a new mailbox, install a new light fixture, install a new doorbell and spray paint the door handles on the white storm door.

To start, I ordered this light and this mailbox from Wayfair – Total Cost: $74.07

Before, the mailbox was installed on the railing, but I wanted it on the brick. The new mailbox came with a template for drilling the holes. I taped the template to the wall, made sure it was level and pre-drilled with my masonry bit. The mailbox just slid on and I tightened the screws:

IMG_1399 (1)

Next, I turned off the power in the house and removed the current light and the doorbell. I installed this doorbell from Home Depot ($9.04). I also went to install the light fixture, but ran in to the following issue:

IMG_1404 (1)

Of course, it can’t just be easy. I needed to create a cap that was going to bring the light out a little. I used a spare piece of wood, cut to size and added a 4″ hole to the middle. Once it was all cut, I sprayed it satin black. Next, I used masonry liquid nails to connect it to the wall over the light box:


I re-installed the new light and caulked all around everything so that water wouldn’t get in. Here is the light and doorbell, all done:


Next, I moved on to paint. I removed all of the hardware from the storm door and threw it in to a box outside:


I sprayed it with satin black spray paint. While that dried, I used this to paint the railing ($5.99). I only needed one coat with a regular paint brush to cover up the old rust:


After the handles were dry, I re-attached them to the storm door. All of the small updates needed in the front were done!


All in all, $89.10 for these updates that make the house look just a little bit better. And a quick before and after:

Next up out here is painting that red area below the brick. The hold up is the color choice for me. It is paralyzing and I think will take a few rounds of Photoshop to make the final decision. Fingers crossed I can decide before the end of the year!

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