Upstairs Updates – Done and Done!

Wayyyyy back in this post, from mid-June, we went over what was outstanding in each room on the second floor. Well, I’m happy to report that over that past month, everything got done, plus a little extra ­čÖé


Current Nursery To-Do List:

  • Paint Walls
  • Fix Outlet on the brick wall (Currently is a child hazard, as it is a little loose in the wall and need to be securely affixed to the brick with an outlet cover added)
  • Hang Blackout Curtain for daytime naps
  • Furnish – Half Done!

Coming in at the least exciting make-over ever, here is the gray nursery, repainted in almost exactly the same color gray as it was before:


After weeks of trying, there was no way I was able to match the paint, even after bringing in a sample to Home Depot to color match. So we bit the bullet and repainted. The nursery walls got a fresh coat of Campfire Ash by Behr, the same color as the Guest Room.

I fixed the outlet on the brick wall with some masonry liquid nails to secure the box to the brick, shortened the cord and added a cover to it.


We also picked up the Ikea Hemnes 8 Drawer dresser in White stain. I really liked the layout of the drawers in this dresser, and the ability to store small things, like diapers, wipes and all of that fun stuff in the top level of drawers. It was a little bit of pain to put together, but I camped out in front of some Law and Order and just zoned for a few hours while I built it. I plan on grabbing some new knobs at some point, to make it look less Ikea-y.


The rest of the nursery furniture will wait until after the baby shower. Really all we need is the crib and a glider to finish furnishing the space. Then we get accessorize and decorate!


Current Bathroom To-Do List:

  • Tile Outside curb of the shower
  • Grout Outside curb of the shower and the edges of the shower
  • Install, Caulk and Paint 1/4 Round (once above 2 are complete)

Done, Done, Done!

Collin installed the outside curb tile on a day off a few weeks ago. We let it dry overnight and I came in the next day and grouted the gaps and the edges of the tile on the walls.


I also finished cutting and installing all of the baseboards and quarter round in here, making this room done!

I would love to add some type of art above the towel bar, but I haven’t found anything I love. I’ll keep my eyes peeled, but in the meantime, this room is complete.

Master Bedroom:

The only thing left on the Master Bedroom to-do list was to Build a bed. Guys, I had big plans and was ready to head out to start buying materials. Except once I started estimating costs, I realized I could buy a bed for less.

So I ordered this King size bed from Wayfair:


It was sooooo affordable, has good reviews and will take me no time to put together, as opposed to the bed I was ready to build from scratch that was going to cost almost $300 and take me 3 days to build and finish.

The bed is getting delivered next week, so I’ll be sure to update you on the quality, ease of assembly and some after pics.

Once the bed is in, the Master is done!


Overall, it has been a pretty productive few weeks. I am rushing to get all of these little projects done while I feel good, have energy and can still squat down. While we wait for the Bed, we have started moving to the first floor small projects and to-do list. There is one Major item we have to check off before baby comes, for safety reasons, so fingers crossed, that gets started in August!