New Bed, New Crib and Start of the Stairs

I really didn’t mean to take 7+ weeks off from blogging, but it just happened. We have been going a mile a minute over here with travelling and work and baby prep. There have been a few updates around the house, and we are starting on a more major project this week, so I have details on that towards the bottom of this post.

Master Bedroom – 

Our new bed arrived! It was super simple to put together and the quality and fabric is better than I could have hoped:


I ordered the sage green pillow covers from Amazon to break up all the beige going on, but I feel like this room is finally at a place I am happy with. Officially calling this room done!

Nursery – 

Our Baby Shower was last weekend in New York, so we are still in the process of moving things from New York down to Baltimore, but we do have some nursery updates. I spent a little time adding a gallery wall above the dresser and changing out knobs:


The knobs are from Hobby Lobby, and the wall hangings are from a mix of antique stores (mirror, “T” Handkerchief), Hobby Lobby (Plants, Hello sign and moon, cloud, star) and hand-made (I hand painted the wood sign and used my wood burning tool to engrave the quote).

Collin and I put together the crib, but we are still waiting on a few more items to finish this room off:


Stairs Project – 

The new project we are starting on is finishing the stairs!

Backing up almost 2 years ago, when we moved in, we were grossed out by the pink carpet, so we removed it. We also removed all of the wood paneling that lined the 2 story staircase. Leaving us with this mess:


In the past few months, Collin added new drywall to the lower part of the stair walls:


The issue we have now, is how do we drywall up here (Above the stairs):


And I say we, but I really mean this is a Collin issue. Either way, I’m not getting up on that ladder to drywall, so he is going to have to MacGuyver something and figure it out.

Regardless, we are moving forward with the stairs, with or without the drywall complete. Over the next 2-3 weeks the plan is to:

  • Reinforce 2 stairs that feel wobbly from underneath
  • Patch and Sand the lower wall drywall
  • Install the Stair Moulding on the new drywall
  • Paint the Stair Moulding
  • Carpet Install (the company keeps calling to schedule, but I am not ready!)

I’ll be sure to detail out the progress and keep the blog more up to date. I’m really looking forward to being able to walk up the stairs barefoot without fear of getting stabbed by a nail.


One thought on “New Bed, New Crib and Start of the Stairs

  1. Karen Schneider says:

    Love everything you two do . House looks amazing . Your baby is so lucky to be born into such a lovely home. You give new meaning to “nesting”


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