Drywall and Dust

For the past month Collin has been working hard on getting that stairway in order and it was definitely a bigger job than we both anticipated. That, along with trying to spend time relaxing and nesting pre-baby, has been a balancing act. But, good news is, it *should* be done before Baby Girl makes her arrival, assuming she doesn’t surprise us and come early. If that happens, she’ll be introduced to the smell of paint at a young age.

Last time we left off, we were debating how to get up here to actually install the drywall:


Well, we figured it out, and tested Collin’s fear of heights in the mean time. We purchased a 14 ft multi-position ladder. We used that on the step, set to 14 ft high and leaned it against the back wall (Shown above). Then, he used a step ladder at the top of the stairs. We took a 12 foot by 2 inch thick board and ran it from the step ladder to the top of the 14 ft ladder. This is the best picture I could get to explain how it was set up:


The board of wood acted as a plank for Collin to walk on to be able to reach the ceilings and corners for installing the drywall and multiple layers of spackle.


Overall, it has been a few weeks of layers of spackle, sanding, cleaning up layers and layers of dust on every single surface of the house, and then starting the process all over again.

Currently, Collin is working on 2 small areas that needed extra attention, but the bulk of the sanding is complete. Once those 2 small areas are done, we can paint the ceiling and the walls and finish off the last coat of paint on the mouldings. Should be no big deal with only 12 days left until the baby’s due date (Don’t worry, I’m not panicking at all).


In better news, the Baby’s nursery is coming along. Collin built me these book shelves, and I got 2 coats of white paint on them. Then I mounted them to studs on the wall above the baby’s toy chest:


Once the baby comes, I’m going to do a full nursery reveal. Its almost there, but full of stuff that needs to go to different areas of the house once she makes her grand debut.

Hopefully be back soon with the final Stair case post, prior to the baby announcement post, but we’ll see!



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