Getting back on Track

Wow – those three months flew by!

Since we left off, we were able to finish the stairway renovation just in the nick of time for this little bean to be born:


photo cred: Baby Bella Photography

Tessa Odette Twibell was born December 2, 2018 and came home to the smell of fresh paint and drywall dust.

The past 2 months since her Birthday have been a whirlwind of snuggles, pajamas, spit-up and exhaustion, but we are finally getting in to enough of a groove to get back to this little old blog.


Collin was able to finish sanding and painting the hallway. Once that was done I followed up (very pregnantly), finishing off the mouldings, caulking and priming.

Finally, we hired a carpet company to come in a take care of the stairs.

During my maternity leave, I was able to complete the final details like cleaning up the paint on the spindles and railing and hanging some new art. Here is the very exciting before and after:





With Baby Tessa making her grand debut a few days late, we were super ready for her arrival and the nursery was complete, with a few short weeks to spare.

I created a custom (no sew) crib skirt with some fabric, iron tape and velcro. I also purchased a vinyl sticker with Tessa’s name for the front of her toy box. Finally, we added some shelves that perfectly match a custom sign she received for Christmas. We are still waiting on some art for above the crib, but for now, she is enjoying her space as much as a 10 week old can.


Rest of the House

The rest of my maternity leave consisted of Mari-Kondo’ing my entire house. A few years ago, when the book came out, I did do a full sweep, so the house wasn’t too bad. But after watching her Netflix series, I was inspired to keep going. I was determined to head back to work feeling like at least my house was in order and clear of everything unnecessary and messy, especially when this is what our house looked like after Christmas:


I got the greatest ‘joy’ decluttering the bathroom of all unused products, makeup and cleaning supplies:


And the bedroom drawers, where I bought these expandable drawer dividers to keep everything neat.:

IMG_2422 (1)

Its been about a month now, and everything is shockingly staying really nice and neat, and I am being so much better about pairing down. Basically, I am keeping a box by the front door for donations, and anything I see or use/don’t use get scrutinized. For example, if I try on a sweater I haven’t worn in a while and then take it off because I don’t like it, it goes straight to donation. No use in keeping things that aren’t 100% perfect. Same with useless kitchen items (I’m looking at you wine decanter that we have had for 5 years and haven’t opened yet).

Overall, I have a bunch of new blog posts on the way, including how we are working around all of the new baby stuff that has taken over our house and some new changes to the living spaces. Last project on the list for this house is adding a bathroom, so stay tuned for that big one too!



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