Kitchen Cabinet Reconfiguration

Now that we have gone over the kitchen plan (here), let’s actually dig in and get started.

The Cabinets:

The obvious choice was to paint the cabinets. Like I mentioned before, they are in great shape and the layout was *chef’s kiss*. But before we can get to paint, we needed to reconfigure what needed some help. We began with this area that was formally the Breakfast Area.

The tall pantry cabinet was definitely going to stay, but the counter top to the right was where the TV was going. We spend 80% of our day in that kitchen, so a good TV Spot was a must for us. We decided the best course of action was to remove the upper cabinets and wall mount the TV, along with a shelf above it for pretty items.

Collin started by taking down the upper cabinets and demoing the backsplash.

I followed behind an installed some simple shiplap up the wall and mounted the TV:

Finally, we installed a shelf above the TV for Cookbooks and Vases.

The other re-configuration took place above the sink. As you can see here, it used to have a header that went across the sink, above the window.

I worked to rip that down. I think that area being open would highlight the vaulted ceiling in this room and make it seem taller and more open. It did have a light fixture installed underneath, but I will just replace that with a sconce of some sort.

This photo is not chaotic at all, don’t worry.

Once everything was moved around and any nail holes patched, we were ready for paint/prep. Saving that for the next post, since its a doozy!

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