Painting our Kitchen Cabinets

Finally, on to some juicy details! I did a bunch of research and decided to follow this tutorial for painting the cabinets. We knew that now was the time to invest in a paint sprayer, since it would be the quickest and give us the most professional finish. Below is the list of supplies for this project:

All-in-all, the cost came to just under $250 for all of the supplies for us, based on what we already had in our stash.

Once we had the supplies, we started by removing all of the Cabinet doors and removing all of the hardware. I also filled in the previous hardware holes with wood putty.

Once that was done, I moved to cleaning all cabinets and doors with a de-greaser (like Krud-Kutter or Mr. Clean degreaser). Then I wiped them all down with the Liquid Sandpaper with an old rag. The Liquid Sandpaper removed the top shiny layer on the cabinets allowing for just an easy light sanding.

Next I got in to the sanding. I used my Hand Sander to rough up the doors and cabinet bases with a 180 grit sand paper. I did not worry too much about the inset areas or the detail parts because the liquid sandpaper took care of that. Each door took maybe 30 seconds – 1 minute. Overall, it was a 1 night job (maybe 2-3 hours) to prep all of the doors and cabinet bases.

The final step of the prep-phase is the taping and drop cloths. Honestly, this was the worst part for some reason. We knew we were replacing the floors, so I wasn’t super super careful, but it just took a long time and was very detail oriented to make sure that we didn’t get over-spray everywhere.

I have read before that using a paint sprayer is 80% Prep, 15% Paint and 5% Clean-Up and it couldn’t be more true. For someone as impatient as me, it was brutal to take almost 3 days to just prep, but we did have a deadline. The weather had been brutally hot and humid for days and we were going to get a break Wed and Thurs with a high of 75 each day. Paint does not dry well in high temps, so I really worked hard to get all prep done for Wednesday night paint.

Come Wednesday, after got the kids to bed, we got started on primer. The paint spray was amazingly easy to use let a super thin coat that was really even!

Leftover masks, coming in handy!

The overspray was not as bad as I expected, maybe a few inches, so we relied a lot on carboard that we moved around the room to protect different areas. We did set up the cabinet doors in the garage on top of dixie cups and some drop cloths to keep them lifted and protect the floors.

We were able to get the primer done Wednesday night. Collin worked a night shift on Thursday so he did the first coat of paint before he left for work Thursday morning and I did the final coat after the kids went to be Thursday night. I did wipe them with a steel wool in between coats to make sure they were nice a smooth and then wiped with a dry rag to make sure no dust particles got in to the paint.

We let them cure all day Friday and were re-mounting the doors Friday night.

We decided to replace the hardware and installed the knobs on the doors Friday night.

Look at that smooth finish!!

They have since fully cured and feel great. No Sticky-ness, no chipping!

Next up, getting rid of that early 2000’s granite and back splash. Stay tuned, because this is the best project I have done in a long time!

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